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Let K2 RCM plan, manage, lead and implement your Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) or asset optimisation project or programme using our hugely passionate and experienced team of reliability engineers and project managers. We can also up-skill your people with robust, proven and effective training courses.

Let us take control of your RCM and asset improvement requirements and remove the burden from your full time employees, who all have important day jobs to do, because if your aim is to deliver an effective and thorough programme, it is always best practice to have someone focused on this full time.

K2 RCM use a proven, effective, bespoke, end to end RCM programme plan that has been developed and deployed over many different industries and equipment types. We will adapt and develop our methodology to fully suit the context and circumstances of your particular needs, in conjunction with you and your business objectives. Conducting the programme end to end is totally about you, your needs and your requirements, and our people will go above and beyond the accepted ‘norm’ to ensure our performance matches your expectations.

We are highly focused on value, return on investment and managing the message from the outcomes of single workshops to fully fledged RCM programmes. We will assist and advise you with follow on support work such as:

  • Communicating the benefits of the RCM programme to your business and personnel at all levels;
  • Creating directed, tangible and meaningful bid support material to bolster and strengthen the message you send to existing, new and potential customers;
  • Training your staff, contractors and supply chain to fully align them to your intent and vision;
  • Creating internal and external marketing materials in order to convey your messages effectively and with authority, including website and social media updates; and
  • Planning and producing events and event materials in order to demonstrate the benefits and effects of a well executed Reliability programme.

To discuss your requirements and set up a date, please contact us direct at info@k2rcm.co.uk or via one of many ways on our contact page HERE.

We look forward to providing the best possible service, training and experience for you and your organisation, and if you have a question or query, please do not hesitate to ask.

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