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Do you have an analysis, or series of analyses, that requires an independent review or audit, or do you simply need an expert second opinion?

We can review your current or planned future maintenance schedule or tasks to ensure they are accurate, appropriate and that you have robust justification against all of them.

What about your organisation and your RCM team? How is that set up? Are all of your maintenance bases covered? What is your training and competency development plan? Do you have a succession plan? What about your business continuation plan in the event of an issue?

We are able to take a totally neutral and unbiased stance to review or audit your studies, outcomes, recommendations and any maintenance schedules that are derived from your RCM activity. We can take an objective look at your business’s organisational structure to ensure it aligns to your maintenance strategy and business objectives.

Do you have a maintenance strategy? We can examine your business objectives, current maintenance practises and customer needs to draft your company maintenance strategy and supporting policies so that you have a streamlined, aligned and integrated end product.

We can also act as your expert counsel in discussions with OEMs, suppliers, customers and we are happy to represent you as an expert witness in a legal context or dispute.

No job is too small or large, and we are happy to travel worldwide.


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