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Call it what you will, it’s important that you and your organisation understands the concept, applied to your assets.

If you have no idea what it is costing you to buy, maintain, support, operate and dispose of your assets, then undoubtedly you are throwing away money!

By creating an intelligent analysis and support programme for your assets and equipment, you could be making savings. BIG savings!

Costs considered include the financial cost which is relatively simple to calculate and also the environmental and social costs which are more difficult to quantify and assign numerical values. Typical areas of expenditure which are included in calculating the whole-life cost include, planning, design, construction and acquisition, operations, maintenance, renewal and rehabilitation, depreciation and cost of finance and replacement or disposal.

Through Life Capability Management (TLCM) is the process that allows you to assess and prioritise the capability of your equipment and systems for the whole of their life from acquisition to disposal. It is a high-level integrative management function, with particular application in the context of defence.

Take a specialised approach to your Through Life Capability Management by evaluating your whole organisation as one system.

Whether you are looking to develop a support solution for a new asset, improve or sustain availability of an existing asset or ensure you select and procure the most appropriate asset and support package from a range of options, we can support you in achieving sustainable through life support solutions for your assets and equipment.


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