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Trouble Shooting – do you have a particular issue, fault or symptom that just keeps repeating and you cannot seem to make it go away?

Is it costing you money through increased maintenance, downtime, lack of availability or denial of a capability?

We can investigate and resolve your problems, which will save you from wasting time, effort and being frustrated.

With our expert help, advice and holistic approach to resolving your organisational, system, engineering, quality, availability and reliability issues, we can take away your pain and provide workable, reasonable and financially considerate solutions.

Root Cause Failure Analysis – we are able to utilise the process in order to analyse, understand and identify the issues within systems, equipment, processes, organisations, procedures, people, training and assets.

For more on RCFA, please check out our information page HERE.

Expert Witness – do you need expert representation on an engineering or technical matter? Allow us to help and support you in providing the most robust and technically competent assistance in any case or dispute that requires the highest level of integrity, knowledge and rigour.

Analysis Audits – have you done an analysis that requires a formal audit? Are you unsure of the recommendations from a study?

Do you need an expert second opinions to verify outcomes, potential benefits, savings and efficiencies? We are expert at independent review and audits.

We take a business and Through Life Cost (Life Cycle Cost) approach to everything we do, so you can be assured that we will not only assess, validate and verify, but we will also add value.

Independent Reviews – we are able to take a completely independent and neutral position in order to review, assess and scrutinise any problem, conflict or issue that is affecting the smooth and efficient running of your business or organisation.

We will be discreet and tactful, and our report and findings will remain confidential at all times while revealing all the factors affecting and influencing the cause of your distress or frustration.

Whatever your problem or situation, and whatever it is that you need us to assist you with, you can CONTACT US today. We are available 24/7 and 365.

Contact Us via the form below, or visit our Contact Us page to see how else you can get in touch.