Root Cause Failure Analysis

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Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) is a very useful tool for improving the reliability of equipment. It is a logical, structured and deductive technique that can identify the causes behind the failure.

We are able to utilise the process in order to analyse, understand and identify the issues within systems, equipment, processes, organisations, procedures, people, training and assets.

We will use our expert knowledge of RCFA to fully understand the context of an issue and to decompose it using a variety of methodologies. Collaboration from a number of key stakeholders will be required in order to achieve effective and meaningful outcomes.

You should be prepared to be open, transparent and communicative, and bring a positive attitude to the forum, where our expert facilitators will carefully and tactfully conduct the analysis.

We also conduct training in RCFA, which can help your workforce to fully understand and contribute to the process.

The course is suitable for those with a ‘hands on’ role and for management grades who require a basic understanding of the potential, the processes and of the problems associated with RCFA. The course will act as an introduction to RCFA and forms a sound foundation upon which your future activity and personnel development can be based.

On completion of the training your people will understand the need for and the scope of RCFA. They will have gained an understanding of the technical and management issues pertinent to an RCFA study and knowledge sufficient to enable an individual to understand and support RCFA.

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