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25 moulding machines were producing plastic containers and lids. Over 50% of all unplanned downtime was hydraulic system related.


  • Increase production efficiency.
  • Increase equipment reliability.
  • Analyse and rationalise the maintenance schedule.
  • Increase availability.
  • Reduce life cycle costs.
  • Improve workforce knowledge and the poor maintenance culture.


  • RCM analysis was done in DORA on one master moulding machine.
  • All hydraulic failures were reported in DORA.
  • All solutions were reported to DORA to continuously improve the FMEA data.
  • Maintenance Plans, Processes and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) was improved.


  • Within 2 years the hydraulic related downtime hours decreased by 65%.
  • The use of hydraulic oil decreased from >12.000 litres/year to 2.800 litres/year.
  • Pay Back time was just 6 weeks.


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