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To be successful, a company must be able to understand DORA’s process driven RCM methodology, speak the same terminology and be familiar with the software. The application of these skills and knowledge to your processes and assets will give you a competitive advantage.

JA1011 Standard

Throughout the DORA training, we use the terminology from the internationally recognised JA1011 standard.

DORA RCM Level 1 Training – 3 Day Course

The Level 1 course is designed to ensure that DORA’s process driven RCM theory, the JA1011 terminology, use of the DORA software and the interaction between them is well understood in order to get the DORA methodology correct.

  • Understanding of the DORA process driven Reliability Centred Maintenance.
  • RCM theory and principles.
  • Use of the JA1011 standard RCM terminology.
  • Familiarisation of the DORA software.
  • Online e-learning support available.
  • Certification examination.

Anyone with DORA RCM Level 1 Certification is able to:

  • Participate in an RCM Workgroup, which is managed by a certified DORA RCM Level 2 Facilitator; and
  • Work in the DORA Quick Maintenance (QM) software environment.

A Certification exam is undertaken at the end of the course to ensure that Level 1 knowledge has been attained and retained. This ensures that our QUALITY approach and principles are maintained.

You can also take the Certification exam independent of the training and rely on your own self-study or your prior knowledge and experience, and if a score of > 80% is achieved, then you will be passed as Level 1 Certified. If you do not pass, you should do the Level 1 training.

We will be offering an online e-learning module for those who want to study on their own, and news of this will be announced and confirmed once we have completed development of the course.

DORA RCM Level 2 Facilitator Training

  • Comprehensive training of all aspects and facets of the DORA RCM methodology and software.
  • Extensive facilitation instruction and practical work using in-depth case studies.
  • Management of multiple RCM Workgroups.
  • Managing the data input and quality in the DORA software.
  • Optimising operating efficiency and cost effectiveness through the application of the methodology.

We Offer Two Facilitator Training Options:

QM DORA User Facilitator – allows for the use of QM online, QM and QM Pro Certification only.

  • Pre-requisite – Level 1 Certification.
  • Training Requirement – 10 Day QM DORA User training.

RCM Key User DORA Facilitator – allows for the use of the full scope of DORA to develop maintenance concepts and maintenance plans.

  • Pre-requisite – Level 1 Certification.
  • Training Requirement – 10 Day RCM Key User DORA Facilitator training.

Within 3 months of completion of the RCM Key User DORA Facilitator training, delegates must deliver 3 analyses to demonstrate their knowledge and competence:

  • 1x RCM.
  • 1x ODM.
  • 1x QM.

These analyses can be presented and discussed face to face, via skype, over the phone or via video link to make it as simple as possible to achieve.

Regardless of the level held, all Users are to undergo annual re-certification. This will be provided to you free of charge and utilise an online assessment exam. Annual re-certification ensures that we maintain the QUALITY standard and principle knowledge base underpins the DORA RCM methodology.

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