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Organisational structure and process optimisation aligns the strategic goals of businesses, encompasses the roles and accountabilities of units and their people, measures performance, defines how task groups will operate together and directs the mechanisms required to make them effective.

An organisation’s design is closely linked to its structure. We carefully identify and design the elements of how your organisation is built up, then we evaluate the issues in light of your company’s vision for change, strategy, and critical success factors.

Inefficient processes and structural problems are often the core of poor work performance. Organisational design problems may be indicated by:

  • Lack of or poor coordination;
  • Excessive conflicts or unclear communications;
  • Unclear roles, authority, hierarchies and responsibilities;
  • Duplication of effort;
  • Poor use of resources;
  • Inefficient work flows; and
  • Variable dependence on  non-core personnel.

We can help you to reduce your costs and boost the efficiency of your business processes or organisation without neglecting corporate governance, quality, safety, compliance and security issues in any way. We can help you address the following:

  • Make your processes competitive, optimised and aligned to your business objectives;
  • If you need to reorganise your business model so it is efficient operationally;
  • Help with analysing and researching your business environment;
  • Provision of an independent, objective evaluation and validation of your management strategy; and
  • Support to determine how to measure performance and progress.

How can we help?

Integrating with your company staff and business units, we will ensure that your processes are analysed, understood, simplified and re-designed. We will then plan and implement the new structure and ensure it is fully communicated.

We will account for more than just the organisational processes, structure, roles and responsibilities by including all of your contextualised operational factors such as:

  • Training,
  • Equipment and Technology,
  • Personnel,
  • Information (data),
  • Doctrine and Concepts,
  • Organisation,
  • Infrastructure, and
  • Logistics.


Our attention is fully focused on understanding all of the above in order to realise cost savings and create efficiencies for you. We will create meaningful KPIs and metrics by which the organisation can monitor and measure intelligently and meaningfully.


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