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Cost of maintenance was considered too high on a fleet of 28 AGVs. Mechanics were continuously on site carrying out maintenance tasks and activities.


  • Reduce maintenance cost wastage and spend.
  • Improve workforce knowledge and engagement.
  • Increase product and process FMEA knowledge.


  • A team consisting of six Level 1 DORA RCM practioners and three Level 2 facilitators was raised.
  • DORA was implemented.
  • Master FMEAs were created for the 28 different AGV versions.
  • Analysis was conducted on all vehicles and processes.
  • A knowledge base was built and data was fed back.


  • Within 6 months a clear picture was known of the biggest issues that had to be resolved.
  • Improved processes and maintenance.
  • Within 12 months the maintenance budget dropped by > 45%.
  • Pay Back time was less than 30 days.

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