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Course Introduction and Overview

Conducting a Reliability-centred Maintenance (RCM) study, project or programme requires inter-disciplinary co-operation from a broad number of technical experts from within an organisation. In our experience, if the RCM studies are not led by a skilled and expert facilitator, the outcomes and analyses can be, and usually are, much weaker, lacking specificity and a lot less coherent.

The role of a facilitator is to be the leader and the ‘glue’ in the RCM team. Extensive RCM and general engineering knowledge and experience is required. Exceptional listening, mediating, people and inter-personal skills are required to get the most, and absolute best, out of everyone participating. Having the confidence to challenge technical subject matter experts in their chosen field of speciality when something does not appear quite right, but also having the humility to step back and acknowledge others are correct.

The RCM Facilitator role is therefore, not one to be taken lightly, as it is a critical component for doing RCM ‘right’ within your organisation. As a result, our Facilitator training programme is comprehensive, leveraging the knowledge and experience of many years of Aladon and Schlumberger service from our expert Chris James.

This is not just a course, but a ‘Learning Journey’, that covers much, much more than just facilitating an RCM workshop study or series of analyses. We take care to develop you as a leader, mentor, coach, counsellor, participant, observer and assessor, because without all of these qualities and personal attributes being in place, an optimal RCM effort will not happen.

The RCM process applied and taught by us fully complies with the SAE standard JA 1011/12; the “Evaluation Criteria of Reliability-centred Maintenance (RCM) Processes.” This standard was established in 1999, and sets out the criteria that any process must satisfy to be called RCM when it is applied to any particular asset or system. The course is fully compliant with the SAE standards JA1011 and JA1012. It was developed by RCM experts at Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC) who were trained and certified by John Moubray in the 1990s and have practiced RCM ever since. It draws on examples from the Tutor’s experience in a wide range of industries at SBC (10 years) and at Aladon (11 years).

A pre-requisite for this course is the 3 day introductory course, or evidence that you have the body of knowledge delivered in the 3 day introductory course (we have a free online assessment is available to achieve this).

Aims of the Course

This course will introduce you to all of the competency requirements, tools and techniques to become a great facilitator. There are extensive and detailed case studies for the application and practice of all of your skills. There is extensive practical time that will push you out of your comfort zone, to help to develop you as a facilitator.

Learning Objectives

Develop all of your competencies as a facilitator | Increase your knowledge to plan, design and development of RCM analyses, workshops, plans and programmes | Develop your personal management, leadership and inter-personal qualities and attributes | Be conversant with RCM terminology in accordance with SAE JA1011 and JA1012 standards | Practical Application of RCM Facilitation (worked examples and case studies during the course) | INcreased awareness of RCM benefits at different levels within an organisation | Increased understanding of the importance of a continuous improvement culture.

Target Audiences

This is an in-depth course for people who wish to plan, design, develop and implement RCM analyses, workshops, project and programmes for an organisation or client. There is considerable personal, professional and experiential development opportunity during this course.

A pre-requisite for this course is the 3 day introductory course, or evidence that you have the body of knowledge delivered in the 3 day introductory course (we have a free online assessment is available to achieve this). This course serves as an excellent personal, professional and experiential development, and would be hugely beneficial for junior engineers and RCM practitioners.

Course Duration

10 days, with follow on in-situ mentoring, coaching, guidance, assessment, feedback and refresher training.

Course Cost and Discounts

Please use the contact form below to enquire about the cost of this course.

Methods of Instruction and Delivery

Delivery is face to face and classroom based. All learning points are reinforced by examples, case studies and practical sessions. Discussion and engagement is essential – this is all about devloping you and providing a ‘Learning Journey’ so you can take away as much as possible, and as much as you are prepared to put into the participation. Our instructors are expert at engaging, encouraging and developing people. They have significant experience and empathy. They have walked in your shoes! They know what your ‘Learning Journey’ looks like and will consist of in the years to come in your personal and professional development.


Subject matter covered includes:

  • The Role of the Facilitator
  • Failure Finding (testing protective devices to determine whether they have failed)
  • Overview of Condition based Maintenance (including much of the material from the Condition Based Maintenance Awareness Course)
  • Optimisation of Insurance Spares
  • Data Analysis including Weibull Analysis
  • Measuring performance – Maintenance and Reliability KPIs
  • Implementing RCM findings
  • Redundancy and Failure Containment

Your Take Aways

Extensive personal, professional and experiential learning and development. A complete understanding of the requirements to plan, develop, implement, lead and conduct end to end RCM workshops, analyses, projects and programmes for organisations or clients. A complete set of high quality course notes and all exercise materials.

Training Locations

We prefer to bring this course into your organisation, but we do run scheduled public courses too. See our programme of course dates HERE. The minimum number of delegates for a course is 4 and the maximum is 12, however we will be happy to discuss delivery to fewer people within one organisation in order to provide ultimate flexibility of service and delivery. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and needs.

For information about our Lichfield Training Venue, go to www.advantagehouse.co.uk.

For information on our training venue in Holland at the European Reliability Centre (ERC) B.V. – Lorentzweg 18 – 2964 LN  Groot-Ammers – go HERE.

Your Expert Instructor(s)

     Chris James

About Us and Our Partnerships

K2 RCM have broad, deep and robust personal and business relationships and partnerships with a number of subject matter experts and organisations. ALL of us have exceptional attitudes, a wide range of knowledge, extensive experience and are considered thought leaders in our areas of interest. Our people will make the difference to your people!

About Our Principles

Getting better every day | Building a knowledge base | Making RCM a way of life | Leading the Continuous Improvement Journey | Quality in Everything | 100% focused on delivery to our customers.

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Is the course residential?

No, but we will provide a list of local good quality accommodation in our course joining instructions.

Is lunch and coffee included in the price?

Yes. Please contact us if you have any specific dietary requirements.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

All information for the Lichfield Training Venue can be found here – www.advantagehouse.co.uk.

For our training venue in Holland, all details will be included in the course joining instructions sent to you.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Feel free to email – info@k2rcm.co.uk or call +447708 385437 anytime.

What’s the refund policy?

Please email – info@k2rcm.co.uk or call +447708 385437 to discuss.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


Can I update my registration information?

Yes. Please email – info@k2rcm.co.uk or call +447708 385437 to sort this out.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferable?

Yes. Please email – info@k2rcm.co.uk or call +447708 385437 to discuss.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes, but only by notification in advance. Please email – info@k2rcm.co.uk or call +447708 385437 to arrange.